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Dominique de Villepin. Photo : AFP.

Airbus: the government will play an extensive role

Dominique de Villepin, in referring to recent difficulties encountered by Airbus and fears that have accompanied the announcement of the Power 8 competitiveness plan, has stated that "sufficient time must be set aside for dialogue between labour and management representatives". He made the statement following a meeting on the Airbus situation held on 5 March, with the chairmen of parliamentary parties and economic affairs committees from the French National Assembly and Senate, also attended by Thierry Breton, Dominique Perben, Gérard Larcher and François Loos.
14th-03-2007 10:39
MoreAirbus: the government will play an extensive role

Major projects

Attracting business : for a more competitive France

Since 2002, the Government has established policies to build comprehensive skills and knowledge networks in order to provide the best possible environment for those who take risks and invest in strengthening and revitalizing France’s economy and industry.


Modernising France: constantly striving to achieve social progress

Dominique de Villepin reviewed the year of government action from June 2005 to June 2006. The Prime Minister addressed employment and reducing unemployment, growth, the social pact, security and the future.

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