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Modernising France: constantly striving to achieve social progress

In one year, the unemployment rate fell from 10.1% to 9.3% of the active workforce, for a total of 210,000 fewer job seekers.

500,000 'new hire’ contracts signed

The 'new hire’ contract, which was introduced on 2 August 2005, targets private-sector businesses with no more than 20 employees. It is a full-fledged open-ended employment contract that enhances job security for employees while providing greater flexibility for employers.

Personal service development plan launched in February 2006

The goal of the plan is to double the number of jobs created in this sector each year, with 500,000 new jobs expected over three years.

A new, simpler payment instrument for personal services, the 'universal service employment cheque’, has been set up and may be financed in part by employers.

Stepping up business start-ups

The law of 2 August 2005 in favour of SMEs lightened the tax and regulatory burden on business start-ups, development and transfers.

Some 225,000 businesses were created in 2005.

Assisted employment contracts redeployed

In one year, more than 120,000 'employment initiative’ contracts were signed in the market sector.

In the public and non-profit sector, 290,000 'contracts for the future’ and 'back-to-work’ contracts were signed during the year.

All of these assisted employment contracts provide for appropriate training designed to facilitate the transition to sustainable employment.

Job Centre [ANPE] restructured to better meet the needs of job seekers

The new Job Centre structure is based on two guiding principles:
-  Personalised support: A dedicated adviser conducts monthly interviews in order to improve the services delivered to job seekers.
-  A balance between rights and responsibilities: Job-search monitoring and a graduated scale of sanctions have been introduced.

In order to pursue the restructuring efforts and to provide job seekers with simpler, more effective services, the various public employment agencies have been consolidated:

-  The alliance between the Job Centre [ANPE] and the National Union for Employment in Industry and Trade [UNEDIC] has been moving forward since the signing of an agreement with the State on 5 May 2006.
-  The implementation of the Maisons de l’emploi has been stepped up and 200 of the structures will be operational by the end of 2006.

All young long-term job-seekers-and, following the riots in the banlieues, young people residing in disadvantaged neighbourhoods-were given individual appointments with Job Centre advisers in order to find the most appropriate solutions.

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