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Meeting the challenges of excessively high oil prices

Faced with rising oil prices, the Government has announced a series of measures aimed at ensuring the rapid provision of support for the professionals and private individuals most strongly hit by the rises, and at preparing for the post-oil era, notably through the development of biofuels.

Certain citizens are being severely hit by the rising prices of heating oil and petrol, while being unable to reduce their consumption immediately,” stated the Prime Minister during his press conference on 1 September. “We have entered the post-oil era, and I intend to do whatever is necessary in order to give a real boost to energy-saving measures and to the use of renewable energies”, he added.

The two key elements in the Government’s energy policy, therefore, are the provision of immediate support for the private individuals and professionals most strongly hit by the rise in oil prices and preparation for the post-oil era through medium- and long-term investment programmes.

Immediate measures

Since the end of summer, actions have been taken to help the private individuals and professionals most strongly hit by the rising prices of petrol and heating oil.

-  For private individuals, the measures comprise an “oil-tank subsidy” of €75 granted to low-income households using oil-fired heating, and a “transport ticket” whereby tax relief is granted on the basis of distances driven.

-  For hauliers and farmers, provision has been made for social contributions and certain taxes to be reduced.
-  Concerning prices at the pumps, the Government has received commitments from certain oil companies that price reductions will be applied immediately at the pumps while increases will be spread over a number of weeks.

Preparing for the future

The Government wishes to speed up the development of alternative energies in order to reduce national oil consumption and limit France’s energy dependence:

-  by encouraging energy saving through tax incentives for clean vehicles and renewable-energy equipment;
-  by supporting research programmes aimed at enabling greater use of biofuels and biomass energies.

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