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Mobility in the European Union

As regards studying, training and working in another EU Member State, there are several European programmes for encouraging EU citizens and accompanying them in their projects on the subject of mobility in Europe.
28th-02-2007 00:00


A concerted plan for the employment of older workers

Under the Social Cohesion plan, the Government has embarked on a fight against persistent prejudice stating that age is an “adjustment variable” in the labour market. Designed to cover the period between 2006-2010, the “national plan for concerted action to (...)
20th-06-2006 00:00


Modernising France: constantly striving to achieve social progress

Dominique de Villepin reviewed the year of government action from June 2005 to June 2006. The Prime Minister addressed employment and reducing unemployment, growth, the social pact, security and the future.
1st-06-2006 00:00

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