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Rame d’essai de la LGV est. Photo: RFF

The East Europe High-Speed Train Line: the First Section Has Opened

Five years of construction, 60 million cubic metres of land dug up and moved, 12 million tonnes of material transported and over 3 billion euros invested by 22 partners - the new LGV has blasted past all the previous records!

"It is time that France’s eastern region no longer be the tip of a railway peninsula, but rather a strategic point, connecting us to Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland, our neighbours”, stated Dominique Perben on 15 March, as he inaugurated the first section of the East Europe High-Speed Train Line. Starting from 10 June 2007, when the line is opened to the public, one hundred high-speed trains will run each day at 320 km/h, carrying an expected 11 million travellers each year. The Paris-Strasbourg ride will last two hours and twenty minutes, as compared to four hours currently. Once construction is complete in 2010, Strasbourg will be within 1 hour and fifty minutes of the capital city. In over 20 stations with high-speed train service, the platforms have been revamped for easier use by the disabled. Three new stations, to be built in Champagne-Ardenne, Meuse and Lorraine, will furthermore enable connections between provinces.

A bridge to Europe

In the Minister of Transport’s view, “the completion of this line is a wonderful bridge to the heart of Europe”. The first 300 kilometres of railway will make up the French link in the future “Magistral Railway for Europe”, a 1 500-kilometer line that will cut through Europe, connecting Paris to Bratislava (Slovakia), via Strasbourg, Stuttgart, Munich and Vienna.


Mobility in the European Union

As regards studying, training and working in another EU Member State, there are several European programmes for encouraging EU citizens and accompanying them in their projects on the subject of mobility in Europe.

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