Dominique de Villepin - Photo AFP

Dominique de Villepin announces resignation to the President of the Republic

On the 15th May 2007, Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin announced his resignation to the President of the Republic, Jacques Chirac.
15th-05-2007 00:00
MoreDominique de Villepin announces resignation to the President of the Republic

Nicolas Sarkozy elected President of France

Nicolas Sarkozy. Photo : AFP
In the run-off election held on 6 May led, Nicolas Sarkozy was elected President of France for a five-year term, with 53.06% of votership*.
6th-05-2007 00:00

Presidential election: first round results

Nicolas Sarkozy and Ségolène Royal - Photo: AFP
Nicolas Sarkozy and Ségolène Royal, who received 31.11% and 25.83% of the vote respectively, will face each other in the second round of the election.
22nd-04-2007 00:00

Cabinet reshuffle

Photo: AFP
At the suggestion of the French Prime Minister, on 26 March, the President of the Republic removed Nicolas Sarkozy as Minister of the Interior and Regional Development and Xavier Bertrand as Minister for Health and Solidarity.
26th-03-2007 16:09

The United States and Europe : how can we face the changing world order ?

First, allow me to thank Harvard University, the Kennedy School of Government and the Minda de Gunsburg Center for European Studies for welcoming me here today. I had the pleasure to share a moment, a little while ago, with Dean ELLWOOD and Professor Joe NYE, and I would like to thank Mary Jo BANE, Academic Dean of the Kennedy School, for her introduction in this magnificent Forum in which I now have the privilege to speak.
I would also like to offer my very special thanks to the directors (...)
17th-03-2007 00:00

The Prime Minister visited the Kennedy School of Governement - Introduction of the Professor Stanley Hoffmann

Well, it is an enormous pleasure for me to introduce Monsieur de Villepin, and this is not a formula. I have met a few statesmen in my life, and there isn’t one who I esteem as much as him. He has had a brilliant career as a diplomat, for much of his life. He has had very interesting postings, including several years in Washington in the 1980s, from 1984 to 1989. He has been second counselor at the French Embassy in New Delhi. He himself was born in Morocco and (...)
16th-03-2007 00:00

The East Europe High-Speed Train Line: the First Section Has Opened

Rame d’essai de la LGV est. Photo: RFF
Five years of construction, 60 million cubic metres of land dug up and moved, 12 million tonnes of material transported and over 3 billion euros invested by 22 partners - the new LGV has blasted past all the previous records!
15th-03-2007 00:00

Airbus: the government will play an extensive role

Dominique de Villepin. Photo : AFP.
Dominique de Villepin, in referring to recent difficulties encountered by Airbus and fears that have accompanied the announcement of the Power 8 competitiveness plan, has stated that "sufficient time must be set aside for dialogue between labour and management representatives". He made the statement following a meeting on the Airbus situation held on 5 March, with the chairmen of parliamentary parties and economic affairs committees from the French National Assembly and Senate, also attended by Thierry Breton, Dominique Perben, Gérard Larcher and François Loos.
14th-03-2007 10:39

The Abu Dhabi Louvre: A Future Universal Museum

Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres. Photo : ministère de la Culture et de la Communication
A museum with a universal calling will open to the public in 2012, in the United Arab Emirates. It will be designed and built with France’s assistance, under an intergovernmental agreement signed on 6 March - a response of sorts to the challenge of cultural globalisation.
7th-03-2007 00:00

The Paris School of Economics: A New Global Excellence Hub

Dominique de Villepin, Thierry Breton and Gilles de Robien. Photo : Pierre Chabaud/Matignon
On 22 February, Dominique de Villepin inaugurated the Paris School of Economics (EEP), in the presence of Thierry Breton, Minister of Economy, and Gilles de Robien, Ministry of National Education and Research. Born of an alliance between the best schools and universities in Paris, the EEP brings together high-level researchers to train the leaders of the future.
22nd-02-2007 00:00

Avian flu: France raises its alert level

Avian flu. Photo: AFP
Based on an AFSSA recommendation, the Government has decided to step up its monitoring efforts on wild animals by mobilising natural environment players. This was one of the six measures taken on 6 February at the stock-taking meeting held by the Prime Minister and relevant ministers. Following an outbreak of avian flu A(H5N1) in a turkey flock in the United Kingdom, Xavier Bertrand and Dominique Bussereau turned to AFSSA, France’s Agency for Safe Health and Food Products.
In it 5 (...)
6th-02-2007 00:00

Smoking prohibited in public places: a major information campaign is launched

On 23 January, Xavier Bertrand introduced the communications campaign about the ban on smoking in public places, which will be effective as of 1 February. A single slogan - “out with smoke!” - to convey a simple message: starting on 1 February, the air in public places will be more breathable, for everyone’s well-being, smokers and non-smokers alike.
29th-01-2007 00:00

The Legal Right to Housing: the Government Prepares a Draft Bill

Dominique de Villepin, Jean-Louis Borloo et Catherine Vautrin. Photo : Pierre Chabaud/Matignon
On 3 January 2007, Dominique de Villepin received a report from the High Committee on Housing for the Underprivileged, chaired by Xavier Emmanuelli. The report is expected to give rise to a draft bill, as early as 17 January 2007.
3rd-01-2007 00:00

Immigration: Government favours EU accord with transit countries

Photo: Benoît Granier/Matignon
Dominique de Villepin on 5 December 2006 called the fifth meeting of the Interministerial Committee on Immigration Control. The committee voted the third annual report to Parliament on the Government’s immigration policy. Prime Minister de Villepin set forth the future guidelines for the policy.
5th-12-2006 00:00

International agreement on ITER signed

The international agreement on ITER was signed on 21 November by the seven countries participating in the project. The signing ceremony was hosted by French President Jacques Chirac and was attended by Philippe Douste-Blazy, Thierry Breton, Gilles de Robien, Catherine Colonna, François Goulard and François Loos.
28th-11-2006 10:27

Europe: France intent on standing by its working time concept

Nine of the Government’s members attended the Interministerial Council on Europe, on 6 November 2006, chaired by Dominique de Villepin. The agenda included issues relating to the budget deficit, energy and working time in Europe. In a rare exception, the meeting was aired on TV, so that the French could better see the decision-making process within the Government. A “complex mechanism that needs to be viewed firsthand”, as emphasised the Prime Minister.
Working to end debt (...)
13th-11-2006 16:41

Sustainable development: unveiling the Climate Plan and the charter for flexible fuel

Dominique de Villepin, Thierry Breton, Alain Prost. Photo: AFP
On the 13th November 2006, Dominique de Villepin chaired an interministerial Committee on sustainable development. The national strategy for sustainable development is aligned with the European strategy, containing measures broken down into a ten point plan. The Climate Plan is now strengthened. A reduction of 10% for French CO2 emissions is anticipated by 2010.
13th-11-2006 00:00

Battling AIDS: in pursuit of worldwide cooperation

On the 3 November, the Ministry for Health and Solidarity organised a conference on AIDS. It brought together ministers from the 32 countries committed to the ESTHER programme (“Together in a hospital network of solidarity in care and treatment”). The goal was to further the decline of the epidemic and improve healthcare systems.
8th-11-2006 10:35

Crisis meeting: Dominique de Villepin calls for “firm handedness of the highest order”

On 30 October, the Prime Minister called a crisis meeting on the subject of safety in transport. This meeting followed an incident whereby a bus in Marseille was intentionally set alight and a young student, trapped in the flames.
8th-11-2006 10:31

The Prime Minister’s Press Conference: Making Education a Top Priority

At his 16th monthly press conference, the Prime Minister made a point of recalling all of the actions undertaken by the Government since the school year began. He put particular emphasis on education, “the leading driver for success and greater social standing”, stating that the reforms recommended in the Hetzel Report would be implemented as early as this academic year. Dominique de Villepin also broached on the topic of employment, troubled neighbourhoods and the French people’s buying power.
3rd-11-2006 11:19

National Agency for Social Cohesion and Equal Opportunities created

Dominique de Villepin, Gilles de Robien et Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres Photo : © Benoît Granier/Matignon
Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, in the presence of Azouz Begag, Catherine Vautrin and Jean-Louis Borloo, announced on 19 October the creation of the National Agency for Social Cohesion and Equal Opportunities. The Prime Minister, one year after the crisis that shook the banlieues, pointed out that 'ensuring equal opportunities is a key focus of Government action’.
24th-10-2006 12:09

Promoting the employment of older workers

Posters for the campaign
Jean-Louis Borloo and Gérard Larcher unveiled on 19 October a communication campaign on the latest phase of the 2006-2010 National Concerted Action Plan for the Employment of Older Workers. The purpose of the plan is to change the way older workers are perceived in our culture and society.
19th-10-2006 00:00

2007 Budget: lower debt and greater buying power are the priorities

Thierry Breton and Jean-François Copé. Photo: AFP
Thierry Breton and Jean-François Copé introduced the Finance Bill for 2007 at the 27 September Council of Ministers meeting. The 2007 Finance Bill was drafted in accordance with four priorities: managing public finances responsibly and continuing to lower debt; improving employment and increasing buying power; modernising the State; and effectively serving the French people.
27th-09-2006 00:00

War Veterans’ Benefits to Be Reassessed

Dominique de Villepin, alongside Michèle Alliot-Marie and Hamlaoui Mekachera, shared his “great joy” at hosting the presidents of war veterans associations, to introduce to them the new measures adopted in favour of the veteran community.
27th-09-2006 00:00

The third stage in the fight for employment begins

Photo: AFP
Dominique de Villepin chaired a government seminar in Troyes, on 31 August, holding his 14th monthly press conference there and officially launching the third stage in the nation’s Employment Plan.
31st-08-2006 00:00

International force deployed in Lebanon

A meeting of UN experts and representatives of 49 countries prepared to contribute to the enlarged UNIFIL established by UN Security Council Resolution 1701 met in New York on 17 August.
France is ready to take command of the force. However President Jacques Chirac emphasised that the commitment of the entire international community is needed.
18th-08-2006 00:00

France puts forward a plan for Lebanon

Photo : Philippe Douste-Blazy et Kofi Annan / AFP
On 26 July, France’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Philippe Douste-Blazy attended the international conference on Lebanon, in Rome, while the repatriation operations were underway. He presented a plan aimed at ending the Israel-Lebanon crisis, with the principal aim of deploying an international security force in southern Lebanon in which France "can find its way to participating".
26th-07-2006 00:00

"Equal opportunities also requires a change in attitudes "

photo: © Benoît Granier/Matignon
Dominique de Villepin expressed this opinion in the daily newspaper “Libération” on 30 June 2006. The Prime Minister used this platform to draw attention to his Government’s priority: to guarantee equal opportunities for all. He then closed the national Conference on equal opportunities.
3rd-07-2006 00:00

Musée du quai Branly inaugurated

Photo : AFP
Dominique de Villepin attended President Jacques Chirac’s inauguration of the Musée du quai Branly on 20 June 2006 in Paris. President Chirac initiated the project in 1995.
26th-06-2006 10:31

Energy: decisive choices for the future

Photo: AFP
On 15 June, the Minister for the Economy, Finance and Industry, Mr Thierry Breton, presented the Government’s statement on French energy policy before the Senate. The presentation was followed by a debate. As the easy-oil era draws to a close, growing demand for the resource is driving up the price of the barrel, raising considerable challenges. Answers will have to be found if the country’s future energy needs are to be met.
15th-06-2006 00:00

Putting older workers’ experience to use

Photo : David Mendiboure / Matignon
To “foster and develop” job opportunities for older workers - such is the aim of the employment plan for older workers (plan pour l’emploi des seniors) announced on 6 June 2006 by the Prime Minister at a meeting of France’s Economic and Social Council.
12th-06-2006 10:59

Ensuring that our country is economically attractive is “a major challenge in today’s global economy”.

On 22 May 2006, the Prime Minister held a government seminar on enhancing France’s economic attractiveness. The purpose of the seminar was to attract foreign businesses, investors and students.
22nd-05-2006 00:00

"Building a better future for the people of France"

Dominique de Villepin. Photo: AFP
The Prime Minister told the National Assembly on the 16 May in response to the vote of no confidence lodged by the Socialist Party.
16th-05-2006 00:00

Innovation: “The key to progress”

On Tuesday the 25th of April 2006, the President of France presented the actions of the French agency for industrial innovation (Agence de l’innovation industrielle, AII), notably in the presence of Dominique de Villepin and Thierry Breton.
2nd-05-2006 17:01

Three new projects to combat the lack of job security

Dominique de Villepin. Photo: AFP
Unemployment, lack of job security, and preparing young people to get a job: these were the main themes of the Prime Minister’s monthly press conference. Details of the three main projects announced.
6th-04-2006 00:00

“First-job” contract: Equal opportunity law passed

Azouz Begad and Jean-Louis Borloo. Photo: AFP
The law relative to equal opportunity was passed by Parliament on Thursday 9 March 2006.
9th-03-2006 00:00

Avian flu: New aid plan for poultry industry announced

Dominique de Villepin and Dominique Bussereau - photo : ©Pierre Chabaud/Matignon
From broadening the scope of aid to farmers to the creation of a fund to lighten the burden of social contributions on farmers and exemptions from social contributions, the Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries, has, as announced by the Prime Minister, looked into the possible means of granting this aid in cooperation with industry professionals.
24th-02-2006 00:00

Putting immigration to work for France

Photo : ©Benoît Granier/Matignon
On Thursday 9 February 2006, Dominique de Villepin chaired the fourth meeting of the Interministerial Committee on Immigration Control (CICI). The Prime Minister pointed out that “immigration is a potential opportunity for France. It is a source of social, cultural and economic wealth if it is controlled through enforcing our rules and laws”.
9th-02-2006 00:00

Commemorating the abolition of slavery

Photo : © Elysée
At a reception held in honour of the Committee for the Memory of Slavery on Monday 30 January 2006, the President expressed the wish “that, starting this year, Metropolitan France should honour the memory of the victims of slavery and commemorate its abolition”. The date chosen for this commemoration is 10 May, “the anniversary of the adoption by the Senate (...) of the law recognising slave trading and slavery as crimes against humanity”.
31st-01-2006 00:00

Dominique de Villepin: “Building a sound path to employment”

Photo : ©AFP
The situation of young people in the labour market is “unacceptable”, stated Dominique de Villepin in his monthly press conference on 26 January 2006. He called for change to be brought about with “calm determination”. The prime Minister also wishes to help companies, and particularly SMEs, to achieve growth.
26th-01-2006 00:00

1st National Conference on Public Finance

Dominique de Villepin. Photo: Benoît Granier/Matignon
At the first “National Conference on Public Finance”, on 11 January 2006, the Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industry presented their public finance stability programme. The government’s objective is to “bring public debt down from 66% to 60% of GDP by 2010”.
16th-01-2006 15:33

A bill to put an end to situations of unequal opportunity and discrimination

Jean-Louis Borloo and Azouz Begag - photo : ©AFP
Jean-Louis Borloo and Azouz Begag presented, at the 11 January 2006 Council of Ministers meeting, a bill fostering equal opportunity.
11th-01-2006 00:00

The Prime Minister’s New Year’s Address to the Press: 2006 Will Be a “Useful Year”

Dominique de Villepin - Photo : ©AFP
Dominique de Villepin delivered, on Tuesday 10 January 2006, his New Year’s Address to the press, taking the opportunity to wish that 2006 be a year of commitments, truth, determination and courage.
10th-01-2006 00:00

Conclusions of the European Council meeting held on 15 and 16 December 2005

Dominique de Villepin  - photo : ©AFP
On Saturday 17 December, President Jacques Chirac commended “the excellent agreement that Europe reached” at the European Council meeting held in Brussels on 15 and 16 December 2005, “for all of Europe and for France in particular”. Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, in his speech to the National Assembly on Tuesday 13 December, reiterated the values France defended at the summit: equity, solidarity and cohesion in action.
16th-12-2005 00:00

The Interministerial Committee on Immigration Control meets for the third time

Photo: Benoît Granier/Matignon
The Interministerial Committee on Immigration Control (CICI) met on Tuesday 29 November 2005, at 9 :30 AM, at Matignon, chaired by Dominique de Villepin.
29th-11-2005 00:00

The Fight on Terrorism: “we shall continuously adjust to better protect the French people”

Photo : © David MENDIBOURE/Matignon
On 17 November 2005, at the one-day event devoted to “The French in the Face of Terrorism”, the first of its kind to bring together the heads of intelligence services and operational forces, researchers, magistrates, political leaders, journalists and representatives of civil society, Dominique de Villepin provided an overview of France’s anti-terrorism system.
17th-11-2005 00:00

Dominique de Villepin calls for a return to Republican values

The Prime Minister appeared on the TF1 evening news on Monday 7 November in the wake of violence in certain sensitive urban areas. He pointed out that the recent unrest was “unacceptable and inexcusable” and that the response of the State would be “firm and just”. Dominique de Villepin announced measures in the areas of education, employment, housing and discrimination, aimed at ensuring that “these neighbourhoods are provided with a living infrastructure so that the people who live there can really make a place for themselves”.
8th-11-2005 00:00

High-Risk Urban Areas: the Prime Minister calls for “calm to be restored”

Photo : © AFP
On Tuesday 1 November 2005, the Prime Minister, with the presence of Nicolas Sarkozy, Minister of the Interior and Regional Development, hosted an encounter with the families of the three adolescents who were victims of an accident on 27 October in Clichy-Sous-Bois.
-  The Prime Minister’s statement during the Questions to the Government, Wednesday 2 November 2005.
2nd-11-2005 00:00

The Anti-Terrorism Bill presented before the Council of Ministers

Nicolas Sarkozy. Photo © AFP
The French Ministry of the Interior and Regional Development presented, on 26 October 2005, before the Council of Ministers, the Anti-Terrorism Bill. The operational lessons derived from the most recent attacks led new legal instruments to be adopted, in compliance with the need to balance out security and the protection of liberties.
31st-10-2005 17:07

International solidarity contribution on plane tickets - Franco-British initiative

Thierry Breton, Minister for the Economy, Finance and Industry, and Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer, announced today in Manchester (UK) their joint commitment in favour of a solidarity contribution on plane tickets to finance the fight against AIDS in developing countries.
The United Kingdom is thus joining the initiative which was launched by President Chirac, co-sponsored by five other countries (Brazil, Chile, Spain, Germany and Algeria) and has already been supported by around (...)
9th-09-2005 00:00

"Ministry of Defence : Participation of French armed forces in the provision of humanitarian aid to Niger"

In view of the worsening humanitarian situation experienced by the peoples of Niger, France is providing support for the famine-struck population, through her military forces already stationed in Africa.
9th-08-2005 00:00
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