Dominique de Villepin - Photo AFP

Dominique de Villepin announces resignation to the President of the Republic

On the 15th May 2007, Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin announced his resignation to the President of the Republic, Jacques Chirac.
15th-05-2007 00:00

Major projects

Legal system : the modernization of the legal system

Improving, simplifying, adapting: since 2002, the Government has been applying itself to modernizing the functioning of the legal system, which is often criticized for its slowness and complexity. The Outreau affair led to a reform in 2007 relating mainly to recruitment, training and responsibility of magistrates and rebalancing criminal law procedure.
13th-03-2007 11:51

News in pictures

Dominique de Villepin. Photos : Pierre Chabaud/Matignon
19th-03-2007 00:00


Mobility in the European Union

As regards studying, training and working in another EU Member State, there are several European programmes for encouraging EU citizens and accompanying them in their projects on the subject of mobility in Europe.
28th-02-2007 00:00

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