a policy to support growth and innovation

The Government has chosen to re-launch growth through activity and employment. Since 2002, it has been laying the foundations for a new type of “industrial policy”, aimed primarily at putting all the economic and innovation players together in a network.
23rd-03-2006 14:48


a policy in favour of activity

The tools needed to implement an employment policy focused on activity are in place. These measures, announced by the Prime Minister on June 8, 2005, draw on the entire range of public strengths, making it possible to take the commitment to initiative and solidarity even further. Today, all economic and social players have an irreplaceable role, ensuring that the results benefit all involved.
23rd-03-2006 14:41

Small business

making our companies stronger, healthier and more competitive

Unemployment, taxes, the reform of the Galland law and the revitalization of exports are just some of the areas the government is targeting in order to boost France’s micro-businesses and SMEs. In addition to spearheading economic growth and employment, the measures taken will also play a key role in promoting the development of breakthrough technologies and innovation.
23rd-03-2006 14:25

The last report

Mobility in the European Union

As regards studying, training and working in another EU Member State, there are several European programmes for encouraging EU citizens and accompanying them in their projects on the subject of mobility in Europe.
28th-02-2007 00:00

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